Partner (Onshore) (820/801)

Partner (Onshore) (820/801)

This visa is available to those who are married to, or in a de facto relationship with, an Australian permanent resident or citizen, or eligible NZ citizen. An applicant for this visa must be in Australia. Similar to the offshore process, onshore process has two stages: the temporary (820) visa, and the permanent (801) visa.

For the initial stage, you must have been in a de facto relationship with your partner for 12 months, be married, or have registered your relationship with a relevant state/territory authority.

Two years from the date of application for the 820 visa, the applicant will be invited to submit evidence that the relationship is continuing, to allow the Department of Home Affairs to process the permanent stage, the 801 visa.

An applicant is entitled to Medicare access, work rights, and study rights, upon grant of the temporary (820) visa.

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